Monday, September 12, 2011

...I am going hunting & I do adore pears:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, fellow meadow creatures whom hang my laundry out to dry and the sweet Gnomes who tried to catch Stanley the pig today when he was chasing after me because I unknowingly had a cookie left in my apron (He can smell a cookie from an acre away),

Miss Lamb your Diana of the Hunt farmer here:)

Oohhhh it has been a lovely past week...

I had an amazing time with my cat cotton yesterday:) We had a picnic of pears, fresh bread and honey:)

The Pears of course were grown from my has a habit of doing that:) I will elaborate in another post:)

I was going to tell you all some exciting news, but I am going to go ahead and wait for on the morrow:) Here is a Hint...

....I am not alone in this project...A person whom I adore is helping me out and he is an even better artist than myself:) darlin for the hunt:)

Maybe I have been listening to the tallest man on earths album entitled "The Wild Hunt" a bit to much, but I have felt the need to smell like wood smoke, and me and a couple of my CO-OP buddies are taking to the woods:)

I shall not be wielding a gun...

...I am more of a Bow kind of girl:)

Really...I just enjoy fishing...but with this drought, all of my favorite spots look forlorn and dry..

Wish me luck in the hunt:)

I promise not to post any bloody pictures of them gutted and such on my blog:)

...But I do promise to show you some lovely recipes for wild Boar:)

Now....I must go dig out the good old flannel:)

Here are some captures I took this morn in the mirror to make a certain someone smile:)

Butterflies, Tiny Pumpkins & the things we do for love,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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