Friday, January 13, 2012

Lovely Cuppies & Joe:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, Handsome meadow creatures whom bring me notes from the Gnomes & of course the Gnomes themselves who are at this very moment picnicking in the east pasture & wishing I would join them,

Miss Lamb your watching the wheat grow farmer here,

I have the pleasure of being the honored artist at the lovely Cuppies & Joe in Oklahoma City:) Over the years, the amazing family that makes up Cuppies & Joe have become my own family...after all, it takes a family member to realize when you desperately need a glass of milk and a Bang-a-rang (an amazing cup cake that has mocha chips and espresso in it...dreamy)

As part of my "Made With Love" lovely celebration, I would like to share with you a few of the pieces I have at the amazing coffee shop and creative cupcake cottage:)

"A Bed Amongst The Falling"

The inside capture is a 20x20 metallic image:) The outside dimensions are 34x34 :) I adore this capture:)

"Born Of Cottage & Wayfaring Curls Part I"

A lovely 8x10 capture inside of a lovely dutch pine frame, with pages of old lining the Matte:)

"Spring, Carrots & You"

....Go see It:)

"Montana & The Music"


In addition, all of the framed pieces are 20% off until the 7th of Feb. !!:)


So go to Cuppies & Joe & give them my love:)

...& go pick out a very special piece for your house:)

Did you know that I really love you?:)

Ancient trees, summer wine and dreams of a harvest to come,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Anonymous said...

Excellent framing Sam. Love the pages around the prints. What a brilliant idea! :)

Keith x

Elizabeth - said...

the bang-a-rang is my favorite :) it makes my day when my husband brings one home from work.

i will have to head up there soon. i have not decided on which one yet, but i do know that one of your captures belongs in my study and i can't wait to pick one out!