Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Lovely Artists Statement :)

Hello my Darlin Dears, the curious meadow creatures who like to try to nest with my chickens & those helpful (as always) gnomes whom "Borrowed my last two jars of strawberry jam,

Miss Lamb your more Bear than Rabbit farmer here,

At the lovely show on friday...this lovely friday at Visions in the Paseo... I shall not only be displaying lots of fanciful captures, but as per any show, a lovely Artist Statment:)

For my lovely Blog Readers, I have decided to go ahead & post it right here for you all to read:)

Enjoy my loves!!:)

“More Bear Than Rabbit, More Rabbit Than Bear:
Captures From A Pathless Meadow Of A Mind”

We are all born with qualities of The Woodland in our personality, demeanor and in the way we speak sweet and light words. As if in our nature, we also seek out these same qualities through the day.

In my exploration of human nature, we are inclined to adorn the already wonderful images of our day with the fanciful. Where could our breaths that turn into the stories of our days could have grown, but from the fields of Wheat and Barley? What sweet bird of song would not want to share your table of milk or palette of honey? I haft to ask myself, did I wake this early morn feeling more like the Rabbit of the meadow or the Bear of the forest?
“More Bear Than Rabbit, More Rabbit Than Bear” is a still moment of captured truth, framed in raw wood. A truth that is unspoiled by the perfection that leys prey to time and the wicked, all cast against the pathless meadow of a mind. Each image contains not only a reflection of our own lifeline, but braids it with the permanence of the natural world. The light dappled through trees and then felt upon ones face might not be just light, but a quality of warmth and goodness we seek fervently.

A girl that is raised by wolves would not look upon one with fear, just because that is what is expected. She first looks at it’s eyes and will see a reflection of her own. A whole-heart cannot be found unless you have given it up to nature to fill.


Lovely Lovely:) I hope you enjoyed it:)

Are any of you folks coming to the show?:)

I send you each a hug:)

The Hay Barn, Spring ducks & quilts drying on the line,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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