Tuesday, January 24, 2012

..& we have a lovely winner:)!!

Hello my Darlin Dears, Handsome meadow creatures whom wake me up in the early morn & those oh so comical Gnomes who made a fort this morn out of my quilts and hay bails,

Miss Lamb your busy bee farmer here,

We had a pocket watch giveaway here on the Early Bird Acres blog, & I am happier than a peach to announce that the winner is...

Drum role please:)


The lovely Liana Woods Weiland (i love your name by the way) :)

..I cant wait for your captures to reach you my Darlin Dear:) Send me a capture of where you display them:)


Things have been ooohhhh so busy here at the Homestead :) I am getting ready for lots of shows:)

This past Monday, the lovely curators for an art show I am in, in March, called Momentum, came & visited my farm:) Even though it was ooohhh so windy, we have a lovely time talking about my project called "Girl Like An Orchard, Orchard Like A Girl" & they looked at my thousands of Hankies & many a jar of honey and magnifying glasses:)

(do not make fun of my sketches oaky doaky:) I tried:)

Speaking of Hankies....


I simply do not have enough yet my darlin dears:)

I need them soooo much...& I cant wait for you all to see the final result, but until then, please support my lovely dream:)

Send me Hankies :)

older ones are preferred....& also ones the are either Pastel or white, so light can easily pass through them:)

My lovely Address:)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb
Early Bird Acres
RR#1 Box 126
Hobart, Ok. 73651

I look forward to seeing all of them at lovely Early Bird Acres:)

Did you know I love you?:)

Green houses, just tilled Gardens & stacks of firewood,

Yours Truly,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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