Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Foie Gras my Darlin Dears?:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, comical meadow creatures that love the extra milk after milking & you ooohhh so sweet Gnomes who felt bad about the Jam incident, so some how found me 10 new blackberry plants:)

Miss Lamb your Farmer that is now in February here,

Spring is just around the corner, and here in lovely Oklahoma, I believe... just maybe..we are being blessed with a early Spring:)

Most mornings, I have been picnicking with these lovely faces:) just a few weeks, I hope to re-introduce these handsome and lovely creatures back onto the farm:)

Yap:) Ducks:)!!... & possibly Geese:)

As many of you might know, during one of my trips for an art show last year, coyotes got my whole flock of Chickens...well, besides Canadian & Caddo :) They hid in the barn:) I have missed the presence of ducks dearly...I adore how they follow each other around and make gentle quacking noises:)

...I adore how they dive into the water and pop back happy as peaches:)

I have been studying ways too fatten up my Ducks & Geese, while keeping them still free range :)

I have decided that between all of my Restraunt and store locations that will be giving me their excess, I shall be trying my luck with olives:) Amongst other fatty items:)

But, what I am really interested in is trying my hand at making perfect Foie Gras :) I can't wait to investigate this adventure:)

The important part though is that they are happy:) No force feeding:)

Stay tuned for more my loves:)

Spring Rain, Swiss Chard & Planting Potatoes,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Ps...Thank you lovely Cold Antler Farm for inteoducing this show to me:) I am in love:)

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AnnieDrews said...

Disclaimer: I know nothing about raising ducks/geese. BUT, do they eat nuts? That might be a good way to fatten up those livers!!