Monday, February 13, 2012


Hello my Darlin Dears, those tree dwelling meadow creatures & the precious gnomes... spring will be here before you know it & we shall grow Basil!!:)

Miss Lamb your girl of the pasture, picnicking with a horse, Farmer,

This past week, the lovely group/family that I adore called OVAC sent the talented Beau Leland (& his lovely wife Stefanie) & the amazing Kelsey Karper out to my farm:)

They are filming a bit for the Momentum Spotlight artist profile videos:)

Anyways, lovely Kelsey took some captures of me doing my craft:) & the other captures at the bottom:)

I will share them over two different posts:)

Here are the wood shop captures:)

I bite my lip a lot while I work:)

...then I get serious & very analytical... I like to contemplate the lovely grain:)

...& apparently sanding is funny:)

....I also made a pie for Kelsey for her BIRTHDAY!!:) which was a couple of days before hand:)

...she also thought the honey in the art studio was lovely:)

I was just happier than a peach to have them out, & I look forward to having them at Early Bird Acres again very soon:)!!

...I love Sanding:)

I wish you all a lovely Monday:)

I really do love ya!!:)

Peach Trees, Purple Potatoes & Perfect Mornings,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Katherine Ross said...

Only you would sand wood in such a lovely dress and cardigan, Miss Lamb :) I am quite envious of your truck... I would love an old, chippy pickup in white or blue. Someday!

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Haha:) well, that is actually one of my work dresses :) & the truck means a world & a half to me:) I love it:) I bet one day you will have your own my dear:)