Monday, December 5, 2011 tis funday:)

Hello my darlin dears, furry meadow creatures that are trying to hibernate amongst my quilts and those adorable gnomes who refused to let me go to bed last night without first making chocolate chip cookies and then caramel apples,

Miss Lamb your truck driving farmer here:)

Ooohhh my Darlin Dears...I must say.....I am so excited about this week:) I get the lovely opportunity to decorate for Christmas, spend time with the wonderful Erin, package art for the ooohhh so fun Deluxe and then participate in Deluxe!!:)

...maybe even try to throw a brunch in there on Sunday:)

Myself and the Gnomes have been very busy getting things ready for Deluxe..... I want there to be as many goodies as possible for you folks out there:)

...& as promised, I will not stop bugging you about Handkerchiefs:)

If you plan on attending Deluxe this weekend, and have Handkerchiefs, I will give you any small print I hear me right....I will give you small prints and wild flowers seeds for your Handkerchiefs !!!:)

So bring them with you:) & I will take them:) & I will love you oooohhh so much:)

(Not that I already do not)


Here is my last few days in Instagram captures....

I hit a muddy patch on our way to the mountains for a picnic, and got the truck stuck:) we had our picnic with wine and such on the side of the road.....we waited patiently for my cousin to pick us up:) We snapped the tow chain twice while trying to get out...& laughed even more:)

After that....I took Erin to a auction:)

...You might just haft to wait and see what I bought:)

ooohhh...ok.. you pulled my leg:)

I bought a huge armoire for only 19 dollars, and we put it in the guest cottage where Erin is ..

I also bought a huge cabinet thing for 11....& I put it in my art studio:)

..Oh...& I bought a huge pump organ for a buck!!:)

oohhh dear...

But yes..... much anticipation for this week:)

I really do love you:)

I smooth away the hair from each of your foreheads and kiss each of you upon your temple:)

Dreams of spring, loving of Winter & the cider that resides in Barrels

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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