Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Spring Harvest Show?:)

Hello my Darlin Dear, wonderful meadow creatures that are nesting in the lavender meadow & you adorable & helpful Gnomes that are helping me harvest the Lavender,

Miss Lamb you creature of spring, A Girl whom is a Wolf…. Farmer here..

Ooohhhh new art…. Ooohh lovely new prints…

Are you wanting to see them in person? Would you like to chitchat and enjoy a cupcake?

Do you want to take home a piece of art and enjoy fruit pie?

Well then… come see me at Cuppies & Joe this Saturday the 9th from 10am to 5pm my loves!!

I will be brining some of my new art & lovely Cuppies will be making a few special fruit pies & of course will have their amazing….AMAZING… cupcakes…. The Bang-A-Rang is my favorite (covered in Mocha chips and made with espresso)…

Walk around and take a gander at my framed art, come say hello to meadow brained me & get yourself a coffee drink and dessert..

A dreamy adventure ehh?

In addition, mention this post and get a free postcard…. All you haft to do is say “lets have a picnic” and a postcard of your choice is yours!!


I am a guest blogger over at Green Couch Design today…  I gave a Pectin Free Strawberry Jam Recipe that you really need to check out my loves…

Go say hi to Meg & Cale & tell them I sent you

Did you know I love you?

Goodness Gracious I do…

Lavender Lemonade, Long tables & lone jars of wild flowers,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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