Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Artist Sees The Garden Vegetables As People

Hello my Darlin Dears, wonderful meadow creatures whom are frolicking in all this new green growth & you wonderful Gnomes who promised to help me plant lots of carrots on the morrow (even purple carrots),

Miss Lamb your lover of spring rain here,

Gosh...what a lovely week:)

I have been one lucky peach darlin dears:)

Not only did I find a great little farm the have the East Fresian sheep I have been looking for, I successfully have taken down the instillation & I am headed home for a good stretch of time:)

Besides that little old talk I am giving in Chicago (which...I am looking forward to... I heart you C Town)

But.. I have had lots of lovely captures coming into my e-mail from the show:) Thank you for tagging me & e-mailing me loves:)

They are all so precious to me:) what great keepsakes of such a very intimate installation I had the honor of creating:)

Ooohhhh spring planting....

It has started:)

Due to our unusually warm & lovely spring, every surface of my house is covered in sprouting mini greenhouses & I went a little crazy at Horn Seed & Supply...Chris over there was very kind and answered my every question:) Including sand to soil ratio for carrot & beet planting:) I just adore agrarian chit chat..

Did you know...

....The artist sees the garden vegetables as people?:)

We really do...

I sing to my garden...I play the cello to my Garden ( i cant wait to get the dang bridge fixed)...I also play the cello & the banjo comically bad....maybe this summer I will pick up the dulcimer:)

What I ask of you all, as crazy as it might sound, is to talk to your garden:) tell your flowers how lovely they look today... tell your just sprouting Genvieve Basil that you can't wait for it to grow up and adorn your pasta...tell your tiny carrot sprouts, "you can do it....I believe in you." :) Tell your potatoes to start showing their leaves!! Say sweet things to your beets:)

I do:)

Did you know I love you?:)

I really do:)

I send a kiss to each of your foreheads :)

new sprouts, Friday flowers & you laying the length of me,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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AnnieDrews said...

Oh, I am dying to own a dulcimer and learn to play it, too! I want to play to my grandbabies on my porch in the country one day. :)