Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wild Greens My Loves:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, young feathered meadow creatures that live in my apricot tree & you adorable Gnomes whom keep on sticking wild mustard in my hair,

Miss Lamb your deer of the forest here,

Goodness gracious.....all of this lovely new growth:)

Walking outside of my lovely country front door, which is really on the side of my house, it is awe inspiring to see the variety of plants that are growing in my acrerage :)

I even picked some wild mustard and mint and brought it into Ludavine for them to enjoy:) Gosh... I just love Ludavine...

They even featured my little bundle on their weekly restraunt video update:)

Their was one plant that we could not identify, but I know it is not bad for you:)

I have actually been eating it for years, & love drying it out in the summer for lovely fall use:) But, Stranger over at Ludavine said he could ask a lovely amazing woman who knows about greens what it might be:)

.....I have simply had all things growing on the brain:)

Like I mentioned in my last post, the folks over at Horn's seed & Supply were a great help, & I had a lot of fun:)

I even bought a very first one:)

What I encourage you to do today is grab a lovely book on wild greens and go hunting:) drive to a nice forest area and you never know what you will find...just make sure you know what it tis though before you eat it:) I would have never began eating the plant we have coined "acorn weed" if my Grandpa would have never showed me that it was aok to use:)

Let me know what you find Darlin Dears:)

Harvest tables, Wild flowers & early mornings,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


donnarae said...

A message of love for you and your plants and woodland creatures and gnomes and art etc.! I have garden fever and have little growing things everywhere. I mixed up seeds of lettuce, cabbage, spinach, chard, radishes and lots of other colorful cool weather crops and scattered them in the garden. I did not talk to them and I can see now that that was wrong. I will go and talk to them in a bit. Since it is so warm I might wait until dark and whisper to them while I dance for them. I think they will love it. Thank you for the inspiration. I missed your show but I loved reading about it and seeing the pictures. Hankies and honey and light! Wonderful!

Donna in Norman where you are welcome to stop by any time and see what's growing

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

lovely Donna:)

Ooohh lala:) a lovely patch of perfection:) I bet that is fun:)

I bet your garden shall do lovely!!:)

You are welcome to send pics:)