Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stories of the spring, Singing into the fall :)

Hello my Darlin Dears, curious meadow creatures that try to nest in my hair & you adorable Gnomes who will not stop talking about the baby ducks that are on their way (they are currently sitting at the harvest table coming up with possible names… they are still debating weather the names should have a theme),

Miss Lamb your lover of Asparagus here,

Just the other day, I was in lovely OKC & I was chit chatting with the oh so wonderful Matt Burch about this out of the ordinary weather. He was addressing the fact that he would be driving a bit up north to get this season’s first cutting of Asparagus.

Goodness gracious… I love me some Asparagus.

Just cut Asparagus, just found mushrooms, a merlot tinged cream poured over the sautéed loveliness…. Can we say heaven? Being single, I often wish a man would treat me like spring… & appreciate me just so. A perpetual newness to smile at…

What I also brought up is the fact that we need to have a mini Asparagus festival. Even if it were just a few of us lovers of agrarian tides and well wishes, I believe it would be amazing. Take over those few precious chairs and tables set up in front of the lovely Urban Agrarian Market, and simmer in a moment of new…

Why not, in fact, do this every time a new veggie or fruit is ready for Harvest?

Imagine the Strawberries?!!:)
The Peaches?
The Okra?:)

The Eggplant!!

I am currently stretched out under my just blossoming pecan tree & dreaming about what these lovely spring rains will do for it’s ever growing limbs and leafs…. For weeks now I have been skimming its rough buds with my fingers and willing it to just open. Open before my humble little farm, flower, grow a pecan & then let me bake a pie….

It is so lovely that even in these early days of spring we are writing stories that seem to flesh out within the days of summer, and truly come to fruition before the hem of fall.....

I find an unspeakable joy in knowing these little potato plants will be harvested in summer and used in my classic potato soup this fall.

The large Pecan tree that curves around the shape of my little house is a new story every year. We slumber within days of rain and strive through days of drought. It dapples light upon my smiles and seems to know more about my sorrow than my tear filled eyes could see.

I ask of you in these early days of spring to pause and celebrate the new… celebrate the change…. Celebrate the whole of heart and the growth, that my darlin dear, you can see being told before you.

Be optimistic… the height of the trees can attest to it my loves… a story with every ring.

I send a kiss to each of your foreheads…

I do… I do… love you!!

Baby ducks, baby lambs & harvesting all that is new,

Miss Samantha Jolle Honey Lamb


Briana Shepley said...

REALLY dig that photo, Sam!

Audrey said...

I love the photo! I also love reading your blog, asparagus, and pecans.... I recently found out that hosta shoots are edible in the spring. They are said to taste like asparagus. I will let you know. :)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Briana:)!! I am glad you like the capture:) it will be on my website for sale very soon:) I took it special for some friends :)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Audrey my love:) please do let e know...I can add that to my taste bud collection:) how is your garden doing dear?:)

AnnieDrews said...

I love asparagus, too! Nothing like that cruncy, green bite. I like them steamed or blanched and bright green. With a little butter, lemon zest and juice. I have hosta shoots...hmmm...

It is such a pleasure watching the earth come to life.