Monday, March 19, 2012

The Milk That Makes My Cheese

Hello my Darlin Dears, wonderful meadow creatures whom hide in the clover & wild mustard …& of course you darling Gnomes who are wanting me to take them with me when I go to see a possible new Jersey Milk Cow this weekend (they have kin folk apparently at this particular farm… they want to say “Hi”…really, I think they just want to see the baby cows),

Miss Lamb your raw milk cheese-making farmer here,

Goodness gracious…. Can we say busy?:)

I will tell you folks about it a bit at a time, but I am really digging myself a lovely tilled bed of new growth & rich topsoil☺

I do adore Topsoil☺

At the top of the Queue is getting a lovely addition to my milking heard!!

Miss Ohio is not due till the end of the summer, so as far as raw milk goes I am at a pause for a bit until she freshens (produces new milk…& it is her second calf, so it is sure to be a great milk season)…

It felt odd driving to a local farm to grab some milk from their intake tanks… But, I cannot live without my Mozzarella

With that, I think I have found her…

She is currently living in Newalla & she as sure as the day has Early Bird Acres written all over her. She is sweet, can be milked at any spot in the pasture, halter broke, lovable…

I can’t wait to meet her:)

With that, in order for me to bring her home, I am trying to adopt out extra prints this lovely week…

Including this lovely limited edition print, upon lovely demand☺

Stories Of The Spring, Being Told Into The Fall

Click here to check it out :)

For this week only, I am adopting them out for a cheaper price too…

In addition, you can get these two lovely prints….

…Which match wonderfully, for your lovely home.

Click here for those captures:)

If you just simply want to help out Early Bird Acres, you can always donate towards the milk cow fund via Pay Pal.

In return, I would love to do an original watercolor of Vegetables for you.

I do not usually sell them, so I hope that this would be a special gift from my homestead to yours…. Just make sure you include your snail mail in your personal message.

Last but not least, how about some postcards?

How about 20 postcards for $10 bucks?:)

Well then look right here my darlin dear☺

A variety of mixed matched images for your precious writing drawer or to frame.

I wish you all a lovely Monday darlin dears and I appreciate your spring support loves.

I as true as the day love you, and hope to see your face at EBA very soon… let me make you some cheese…

Wild Flowers, Water Colors & The Way we lay side by side,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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