Saturday, March 10, 2012

....& I built a little world:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, furry meadow creatures that dance in the morning steam of breath from a bear & you amazing gnomes I miss every second while here in the city,

Miss Lamb your flower loving Farmer here,

Well, I have been in lovely OKC for nearly a whole week now....& goodness gracious I have been working hard:) fact, I created a mini world:)

I must say....every muscle in my body is sore:) a good sore though:) I am used to hard labor, & I thought the stringing of the structure would be a cinch, but goodness gracious...this was harder on my body than I thought it would be..

We started with the bare bones structure that I built with the help of Hugh Meade:)

Then....I worked on stringing the structure:)

here is a lovely video my friend Clarissa took:)

Once, the string was complete, I added lights & honey:)

Then... here came the hankies & all of the other goodies:) 5000 hankies....50 magnifying glasses, 50 jars of honey:)

I had a really lovely time at the show:) I got flowers from a special someone too:)

In addition, I met one of the cutest little girls at the opening night:) She was my favorite art patron... she wanted to take home my handkerchief fort:)

I promise to post a few more posts about the show, but thank you again to all of you folks who kindly donated your hankies :) It really does mean a world & a half:)

I sure as the day love you:)

Mountain Men, Old Cars & Kind words,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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Sara McLaughlin said...

It's gorgeous Miss Lamb, it looks fantastic!!