Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Morning Young Lady:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, wonderful meadow creatures that hop from pecan branch to pecan branch & you curious Gnomes whom say they can see my snow peas grow every second,

Miss Lamb your lover of spring magic here,

I have been having a really wonderful time being inspired by this amazing spring weather, & I look forward to showing you all some new art through the next days:)

So here we go my loves...

Good Morning Young Lady Part I

Good Morning Young Lady Part II

Good Morning Young Lady Part III

Which is your favorite?:)

It has been very busy here at the homestead. Lots of planting, lots of building, lots of frolicing & lots of falling asleep upon blankets in the grass because I am one tired Peach!!:)

Did you know I really do love you?:)

Peaches, Apples & the man who makes me smile,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


AnnieDrews said...

I like Part II the best. Look at all that green!!

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Isn't the green lovely my dear!!:) if we do not blow away, all this rain is sure to give us lots of green grass:)

Silversway said...

I like Part III the best, because of the lovely golden glow in the grass and the golden feather sitting in front, that is bright with light!