Sunday, April 22, 2012

Imagine that... Farmer Lamb a Cover Girl?:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, wonderful meadow creatures that sleep in the pecan tree & you wonderful Gnomes who asked me if they could bring back a miniature horse from Montana... I told them maybe next time:)

Miss Lamb your Lamb loving farmer here,

This past Wednesday, the lovely ladies of Twenty Something Magazine came out to Early Bird Acres:)

I am happier than a peach, to tell you all, they were here for a photo shoot...I was the one being shot this time:)

I get to be the lovely Twenty Something girl of May:) !!

April showers bring May flowers:)

They took some I phone captures while shooting:)

Here is me & Bell:)

...& my Hen Canadian even got in on a shoot:)

I made them cheese......

......... & we ate it with fresh Strawberries, Blackberries, beer bread, ice cream, dutch apple pie, beer, honey, wine, crackers & a few other things:)

Really lovely day:)

I look forward to sharing more with you darlin dears about the issue very soon:)

Did you know I love you?:)

I send a kiss to each of your foreheads :)

Banjos, Mandolins & Peach Pie,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Bloom & Grow said...

Lovely captures!
Can't wait to see the full spread!

Jessie said...

I just read the article on their website. Loved it! Beautiful pictures!

You are truly magical! :)