Saturday, April 14, 2012

Violet Vinegar :)

Hello my Darlin Dear, wonderful meadow creature who watch patiently as the plum tree puts on it's fruit & you funny Gnomes who are insisting I make a Cheery pie nearly every day now,

Miss Lamb your flower picking farmer here,

With Violets simply everywhere, it is simply neccesary to grab a blanket, pack a picnic & role around in the fields while picking tin bucket upon pastoral tin bucket of the lovely sweet fragrant buds:)

Here is my first lovely creation you can make with lovely Violets:)

Lovely Instructions:)

*First, harvest enough violets to fill a quart-size jar. (Here at Early Bird Acres & at the Beekman Farm, we find that lying on your belly on a picnic blanket in the field doing this is a fine way to spend an afternoon.)

*Rinse your “crop” in cool water and remove the stems.

*Loosely pack the blossoms in any jar you have handy that has a tight lid.

*Pour the rice vinegar over the blossoms until the jar is full and then seal.

*Allow to sit for 1-2 weeks. The vinegar will turn a beautiful purple color.

*It is ok to taste the vinegar periodically. The longer the blossoms sit, the stronger the flavor. Once ready to use, pour the vinegar through a filter to remove the blossoms and any other debris.

*Use your favorite mason jars &/or lovely cleanend out wine bottles, & keep the lovely vinegar for as long as you can not use it:) mine seems to go always so quick....

No worries about this lovely creation spoiling, because no molds can grow in your lovely Vinegar:) Feel free to use it on your salads or lovely cutting boards:)

....This is my usual company while picking Flowers:)

Here is a capture of my friends Catlyn & Tyler picking flowers with me on a little adventure:)

I hope you lovely Darling Dears have a fun time making this violet vinegar & I encourage you all to use what is in season my sweets:)

Go have a picnic for goodness sakes, & you gentelman should use this opportunity to invite a lovely lady out on one:)

Flowers, Pecans & the promise of Fruit,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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