Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Adore Sandings The Rings Of Wood:)

Helllooooo My Darlin Dears:)

The Meadow Meanderings show is TODAY!!! I shall be up at Cuppies & Joe most all of the day, so do come say hi if you get the chance:) I am just sooooo darn excited to hang up these pieces:)

My Intern Katie shall be helping me too:) are some images of the Pieces:)

"Can A Picnic Balance On Your Limb My Dear Tree"

"Pillows For The Perpetual"


..........I bet you wish you could see shall just haft to come on over to cuppies & joe:) In the next few days though, special pieces shall be post in my online store for you all to enjoy and possibly purchase if you find something you can not live without:)

This Autumn is lining up to be very interesting my dears.... lots of new shows and new happenings....

I promise to post captures from the show today, on the lovely Blog:)


Now something i would rather not talk about, Because it hurts really bad, is that my little fig passed away....both of his hips were broken and he was in so much pain... i am glad i had him for a little while and I am glad my life was touched by this little man... I miss you Fig and thank you for being so sweet to me my dear..


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, i have just spent a wee part of my morning falling in love with you and your blog! i live an old fashioned vintage life that i wish was on a farm, but alas is in a city...a wonderful city, but not a farm in oklahoma, that's for sure! you are delightful miss honey, and i'm looking forward to following your adventures and admiring your art! xo

Carolina Elizabeth said...

Oh, how I hope your show went well. How long will your show be up? I exhibited some of my work at the Fall Show this weekend with the Edmond Art Association and missed it. Right now, I feel exhausted, but I hope it will be up this weekend.

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Terra- Ooohhh i am tickled peach you enjoyed my crazy life here on the farm:) lovely lovely:) I enjoy your captures...I want to be under those fruit trees:)

Carolina- It went very well....very very fun:) It will be hanging through the fall my dear...go visit:)!!

Jaime said...

Sorry to hear about little Fig. He was a beautiful soul.