Friday, September 17, 2010

Trying not to kill yourself with the Skill Saw:)

Hellooooo my loves:)

I have been working really hard on getting ready for the Meadow Meanderings show at Cuppies & Joe this month ( Sept. 25th)... I hope these pieces will set a mood for what i want to do this fall with my little creations... here is a tiny example of the randomness i have been working on in my wood shop:)

These little "Nuggets of woody goodness" , as named by my friend Daniel, are made by me, Sam Lamb, traipsing out to the middle of the forest and trying to find prime branches that are not rotted to bad, on the forest floor. I have been trying to keep my eyes peeled for cedar branches or if I am lucky, Walnut... but you just never know what you might find:) It takes a certain kind of branch with the right feel to give me my lovely circles of wood.... & then after meandering for a bit, I rest for a picnic:)

Here is how i create my circles:

*Step 1- Go into the forest and find good branches that are mostly not rotted

*Step 2- Look for Gnomes... they always know where the best wood is a sketch of my best friend here at Early Bird Acres with one of my baskets...inside of the basket is nothing but raw milk and chocolate chip cookies:)

*Step 3- Once you find a few branches, give yourself some rest and have a picnic amongst the wood...take the time to see how the light dapples across the forest floor...or if it is raining, watch the water collect in puddles and fall of leaves:) if it is simply cloudy or dark, make up songs about the woods:)

*Step 4- Gather your sticks and bundle them together with twine or rope for easier transportation...Gnomes find it easier to carry them when bundled together...they can lift them onto their backs:)

*Step 5- Travel back to your home on your bike or in your truck, and then let your branches dry completly for 3 days:)

*Step 6- Return to your branches and then use a nice clamp or solid jig to hold a branch in place while you cut 1.5 inch or so wide nuggets of wood with a skill saw:)

*Step 7- Take these circles and sand them till very smooth and free of cut marks and such:)

this is what i did to create them...the key is not to kill yourself or loose to much blood while using the skill first my loves:)

in other happenings..... I wanted to share with you how my hair turned out with those darn sponge first, it was a after some twisting and pining and such, I got this:)

I was just trying really hard to not bust out into laughter:) So all i could really capture is this serious face on the brink of loosing it:)

I also made a really good breakfast dish this morn... it might not look all that good, but goodness gracious it is:)!!

I call it "The Olive Tree With Honey Bees, Eggs on Toast"

it is basically:
*2 eggs with the yolks broke cooked in a loose fashion....

*you cook them in a bit of olive oil....then grill your bread on the skillit with the remaining olive oil

*Place eggs on top of bread and then drizzle in local honey:)

oohhh so yummy:)


Last but never least, some new artwork my darlin dears:)

Title: "Her Horse & The Favorite Dress"

I have been wanting a horse now for a long while.... I used to ride a lot when i was younger (in South Dakota when i did nature tour guide work)...but now since i live on a farm and I am finally settling myself in, I want to make a lovely Palomino part of the Early Bird Acres family:) Oooohhhh and I will...i am waiting to build a nice coral in the pasture across the road..but after that... there is nooooo stoping Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb:)

This capture was inspired partly for my love of Horses, Iron & Wine/ with Calexico (he lays in the reins) & the morning light:)

Oaky doaky folks....hope all you Oklahomans are gearing up for the state fair...I think i am going monday:) lovely times:)

Cheers, Beards & Skill Saws

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


InvisibleSoul said...
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InvisibleSoul said...

LOL! :-D
You have quite the entertaining posts, Ms Lamb!

Thank you for lighting this planet. :-)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

invisible Soul- Ooohhh i hardly light it...I leave that to the morn:)

..& i am glad i can entertain :)

Andrew said...

Everytime I see photos of the honey i want some. So pretty golden with the open air and sunshine.

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Andrew- my favorite...I just can not stay away from it in every aspect:)