Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gary England & I...Two peas in a pod:)

Helloooo my loves and darlin dears:)

A little known fact about miss lamb here, is that I am on a celebrity, I do not consider myself a celebrity...maybe quirky.... I hope unique...but maybe we shall change the word Celebrity to "a person who is known in the public and tries to makes other people smile and tries to make a difference "...ehh?

But....I am on the Celebrity Council at the Oklahoma Food Bank... here is the picture I am in for my council capture...we all haft to have one:) In fact, I take the captures....I had my last intern Autumn though take these captures:)

I enjoy the aspect of the Greenhouse, when it comes to the food bank.... I strive to every day spread the word as an Agrarian ...& also try to teach people the benifits of growing their own food, and eating local food:) I really enjoy most all aspects of the food bank and I am very proud to be one of their represenatives :)

My dear friend Natalie Wright does an amazing job there too:) She is very dedicated to her work there and goes about it in a very whole-hearted way:)

I know a few people who are on the council with me...the lovely Sherree Chamberlain and I have been good friends for a while...but i must say.... I basically freaked out when I found out that one of the most famous Oklahoma Icons had joined the council...& I was happier than a peach to not only take a capture of him...but with him!!:)

Yes....the amazing, one and only, Gary England:)

I really do not know if he realizes the connection between us... I want to go fishing with Gary England...I want to go Antiquing with Gary England.... I want to go to the Oklahoma State Fair with him....We would eat a funnel cake and then go look at the livestock.... maybe one day :)

But....I just wanted to take the time to say how much I adore the Food Bank and all they do for the amazing state of Oklahoma...& how much I adore Gary England...Our shelter from the storm:)

Cheers, Beards & Dopplers

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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