Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lamb's Lowlines:)

Helloooooo my loves:)

As many of you might know, (or maybe might not know) my parents raise Lowline and regular (full-size) cattle. These cows are adorable and loving and soooo much fun:)

We have 3 donkeys that run with them....(at least the ones in Yukon where my parents live) & here of course, our Fred is the protector!!:)

Here is a video from when I first got Fred:) We like sharing food:)

but anyways, you might have noticed on my profile page, there are two blogs:) One, I started for my parents, so they could keep people up to date on their cows:)

Well, they have finally found the time to start blogging and I believe will start doing that next week:) They put up one post about the new baby that was born:)

I had a little to much fun designing the blog:)

It is not completely is good enough for now:) my favorite gadget of course was this one:)

My Dadio also used all of his I know I can make this pretty good if i try really hard skills and made a lowline website for the family:) All by himself:) I personally adore the bark background:) I am very proud of them...they are doing great:) & I am sure they appreciate all of my hard work;)

So go over to my parents blog and leave them a nice comment:) Welcome to the great world wide Internet and say a kind word or two:) It would really mean a lot to them:)

Again....I wanted to remind you all that i shall be announcing some big news next Tuesday:) big big news that people will take every which way:) I am very excited about it really...a new way of doing it all:)

I love you all and send kisses to your forehead:)

Cheers, Beards & Lowlines

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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