Friday, September 3, 2010

New Adventures & My Donkey Fred

Helllllooo my darlin dears:)

Yesterday morning, as i do every morn while i am on the far, I went out and fed Fredrick Clevland Lamb, my Donkey:)

You can actually ride Fred..He adores trotting you to the pond or into Gnome Meadow:)

His favorite snack in Carrots:)

....& Fruit Loops:)

He is a sweetheart and I am glad he is around to protect the are amazing & I love you:)

(Thank you Barney & Kelsey for dressing him up the other day..he really enjoyed that)

I have also a Project I am very excited to introduce to you:)!!!!!

Drum Role Please:)..........


Meadow Meanderings!!!

I shall be creating small pieces Inspired by Log Cabins, Cottages & Wildflowers:) Oohhh my goodness gracious I can not tell you how excited I am to introduce you all to these pieces....there shall be about 11 and they will all be lovely lovely lovely:)

I hope to give you all a tid bit of information on my progress with the pieces as they come along:) basically my tools for the assembly...not the building..just the assembling of the pieces :)

Here is what one piece shall look like once done...what do you think?:)

......So.....this for me means the world and a half and it is just plain exciting to see how this all shall come together:) The day of the show in no longer than 3 weeks away so me and the Gnomes better our rears in gear:)

I love you all so much and you do not even know It:)

Cheers, Beards & Fall Apples

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

Now...I am off to go and do this:)


Heather said...

This show sounds so gorgeous! I need to get myself to Cuppies and Joe soon to see it all. Cant wait! Are you doing indie this year?
And love your donkey, know what is so funny? my great-great grandfather's name was Frederick Cleveland! He got Cleveland as a middle name when his dad walked to D.C. to see Grover Cleveland sworn in as president. So, surely, I must meet this furry guy....

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

You could TOTALLY come up that saturday..that would be lovely lovely:)
I am totally doing Indie... I always seem to walk away very happy after doing Indie:)
(Indie Emporium....A Craft Festival for anyone who is like "What?")

Ha ha....that is hilarious...his name was already Fred & I tacked on Clevland because Daniel's band was called "Daniel Foulks & The Clevland County Ramblers"...& he had given the album just that is a great Old Man name:)

You need to come to the farm dear!!:)