Saturday, May 5, 2012

It tis true.... I am a Twenty-Something Farmer:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, light loving meadow creatures whom chase grasshoppers through the barley & you very wonderful Gnomes who insist on checking the sand plums every day to see if they are ready for picking,

Miss Lamb your Farmer whom was never born, Just grown...

Ooohhhh my loves...the lovely article has come out for you all to see:)

I am very Honored to be the lovely Twenty-Something girl for lovely May:)

The lovely Belle & Myself in the pasture:
Taken by the wonderful Bethany Young

I can not even put into words how much fun I had working with the ladies over at Twenty-Something magazine... & I look forward to contributing many a lovely article to their publication:)

Ooooohhh the interview.... I try to answer the questions asked as honestly as possible & in true sam lamb tone:) I bet you a star you will get a kick out of the very lovely answers I gave to the questions...

Even reading them back I could not help but smile.... mostly because I from time to time can't figure out I ended up so surrounded in Sweet & Light... here at EBA :)

Enjoy the issue my love & go tell the lovely ladies over at Twenty-Something how much you enjoy their creative spirit & amazing publication :)

I sure as the

Spring, Light & you cutting down the pecan tree for our future wood smoke nights,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

P.s..... Bethany......Kelsey.... I really like you girls:) I mean it.... & I can't wait to see you at the homestead again very soon...

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