Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Days... New Places:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, wonderful meadow creatures that nest in the hay at night next to the warm cows & you adorable Gnomes that are eating your weight in the blackberries that are coming to fruition,

Miss Lamb your berry picking and pumpkin blossom collecting farmer here,

Most recently, I met the lovely Sara Kaplan at the Dustbowl Arts Market. Sara & her husband own the amazing Native Roots Market in Norman- Oklahoma, & are soon to open a store in Oklahoma City.

I was happier than a peach to find out that Sara liked my artwork & wanted to carry me in her stores:)

Y'all should all stop by Native Roots & grab a card for your wonderful mother... she has postcards & greeting cards:)

Here are a few of the designs for Postcards:)

...while you are there, you can find lots of unique foods, and grab lunch (they have an amazing Deli!! I ate a sandwich & it made my day).... they even sell kombucha :) It tis my favorite....

I hope you are all having a lovely week darlin dears, & as sure as the day know that I love you:)

I really do..

I send kisses to each of your foreheads my creatures of Spring,

Wild Grapes, Cotton blankets & a picnic with you in the Orchard,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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