Monday, May 14, 2012

Twenty-Something girl of the pasture:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, Wonderful meadow creatures that sleep next to the sheep at night & you adorable Gnomes who like to watch my milk cow Ohio nearly every second because she is about to give birth very soon,

Miss Lamb your farmer of the fanciful here,

As many of you might have already read, I am fortunate enough to be the Twenty-Something girl for lovely May... I like to think in a lovely way, April showers brought the may flowers:) I just adored the flower dress I got to wear for the shoot...

...with that, I wanted to show you just a few of the captures from the shoot:)

Bell was nearly asleep...

If you cuddle a Lamb long enough, they just can't help but doze off:)

...Or they just Nuzzle you:)

Gosh I love my sheep:)

...& here is a comical picture with some of my Strawberry harvest, Billy Balls & a Axe:)!!

hehe.... ooohhh goodness gracious...

I can only imagine what people think when they look at this:)

I suppose I was feeling more Wolf than Lamb that particular day:)

All of the captures were taken by the lovely & talented Bethany Young, with the amazing and very needed visual assistance of Kelsey Self over at Twenty-Something Magazine:)

Y'all go read the article right away:) I go into depth about the wolf part of me, my shows out of town & how I am possessed by my great-grandmother :) Lovely times:) 

I send love to each of you:) 

Axes, Trees & the lumberjack who wears green flannel shirts & serves me pancakes with maple syrup he harvested & cooked down himself,

Yours Truly, 

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

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