Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet..... my favorite Flower:)

Hello my Darlin Dears, Wonderful Meadow Creatures that are luminous & Distant in the pasture &.... of course.... you wonderful Gnomes who plan to go with me back to the Sand Plum patch to see how they are ripening....

Miss Lamb your farmer of the fields, & kisser of Cows Foreheads here,

Ohhhhhh the Carrot Flower....

My favorite flower:)

Besides small cream and peach Roses, or lovely peach Persian Buttercup, the Carrot flower is my favorite... Yes, Queen Anne's Lace is in theory the same thing... I just prefer the flowers that grow in my Garden plot of Meadow Sweet Carrots more:)

I think it will be a lovely time this summer when I can travel the back highways of the South while traversing my way up to the Forests of Kentucky & Tennessee (a special project I am not allowed to talk about just yet.... but soon:) & I will harvest the Wild Carrots & Queen Anne's Lace, but my heart is other places... in a garden.... at EBA:)

If you are interested, I even have prints in the Shop Available:)

"The Day & Light, With A Song Upon The Grounds Lips"

"The Day & Light, With A Song Upon The Grounds Lips Part II"

..............& a slightly more Airy capture:)

"The Day & Light, With A Song Upon The Grounds Lips Part III"


Are y'all having a good day? I must admit, it has been a tough few days at EBA.... I lost a very close friend from the mountains... I will not go into detail about it, because he would want me to be filled with joy during this Abundant Spring and not in the least sad, but I will miss our Truck Rides :)

I promise... to be... Way over Yonder in a Minor Key:)
(sorry...inside joke folks:)

In honor of all that is sweet, I pledge myself to doing better in the garden... I pledge myself to picking wild-flowers more often....& I pledge myself to planting more Carrots:)

I send a kiss to each of your foreheads my loves:)

Did you know, I do....very true... Love you?:)

Mornings In The Garden, Lovers of this sweet old land & naps with you under large trees,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Love.... is love.... is a task at hand....

Enjoy :) Enjoy Inspiration... 

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