Thursday, May 17, 2012

On This Harvest Moon:)

Hello my darlin dears, wonderful meadow creatures that bay at the moon & you very helpful Gnomes that helped me find the well pump in the night to wash off since I had nearly buried myself in top-soil out in the garden... apparently i thought myself a seed that had the need to grow...

Miss Lamb your creature of the woods Farmer here,

Ooohhh art..... oh Harvest.... I have been in the thick of Both:)

....& both are going lovely:)

While creating some art yesterday in the wheat field, my cat Cotton decided to meander down the lovely story book path:) 

This very field will be cut today:) Then, my chickens will have a lovely time going through all off the chaff & straw, pick up little pieces of wheat & such:) 

I will also be able to take my truck out to the field and replenish all of the barn covering with fresh straw..... I am trying to get the barn ready for Ohio, since she will be bringing a baby cow into this sweet old world very soon:) 

I look forward to showing you all some of my new work and posting it oh so soon in my lovely store, so it might even could find a cottage home upon your walls:)

You loves have a lovely week,

I sure as the

Lavender, Cotton & a lovely spring picnic,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb


Briana Shepley said...

LOVE these! Cotton's such a beautiful baby :)

Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb said...

Briana:) Ooohhh I agree :) i adore him...

AnnieDrews said...

Those are AMAZING images. What a wonderful opportunity your kitty provided for you! Just gorgeous!