Friday, May 11, 2012

Scenes From The Garden:)

Hello there my Darlin Dears, handsome meadow creatures that allow me to hang my laundry out to dry on their antlers & you darling Gnomes who are having a pie baking marathon with me today,

Miss Lamb your rainbow loving and sunshine adorning farmer here,

It tis still a bit early in the season, but I have a few lovely greens and such coming in, & I am happier than a peach to share some Images with you:)

The lovely Cherry tomatoes & Early Girls are doing well:) Plentiful & Wonderful:)

I also adore looking at the Tomato Flowers:)

Ooohhhhh The Snap peas:) Soooo Lovely.....

I adore how the leafs look like butterflies:)

Snow Pea Flower:)

Ooohhhhh the lovely Carrot Flower..... you simply sing to me:) & I enjoy singing to you too...

.... & of course the Strawberries:) the wonderful Strawberries...

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I am making over 3 Strawberry pies today in fact...sooooo many strawberries:)

How are your gardens going my loves?:)

I is true... Love you:)

Pumpkin Vines, Orange Flowers & you sticking flowers in my nest of hair,

Miss Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb

P.S.... did yall check out my new book?:) You really should check it out darlin dears... 


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